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Are you wondering if Private Yoga is for you?  


You are a good candidate if:

• you're yearning for an at-home routine that’s designed specifically for you.

• you’ve always done yoga in a group class but have some questions about how the poses relate to YOUR individual alignment. Why are some poses so hard for you, but seem so effortless for everyone else? 

• you’ve wondered if your doing a pose “right”, or questioned how to make a pose for safe for you.

• your trying to master a "peak pose," like crow pose or handstand, but have felt that group classes don't give you enough time or individual attention to get you there.

• you want individual, nuanced feedback that will make the difference between "doing" yoga and DOING yoga. 😉

If you can relate to any of these points, then chances are Online Private Yoga will be a fantastic compliment to your wellness routine.

How does Private Yoga work over Zoom?

You also might be thinking, "how do I benefit from a one-on-one session without being in the same room as the teacher?"

It turns out that the private yoga experience works beautifully in the virtual setting for many reasons.  

Let's start first with some of the logistical benefits:

• Practicing from the comfort of your own home.

• Not needing to drive to a studio, find parking, find child care, etc.

• Taking any fears of in-studio cleanliness protocols out of the equation.

• Having the flexibility to schedule a refreshing yoga session in the middle of your work-from-home day.

And here are just a few of the specific advantages of online private yoga that will benefit both your body and your mind and help you to deepen your practice:

• Aside from the complete customization that is the hallmark of private yoga, the online experience gives you total autonomy over your body and your practice. 

• Look at it this way: by simply following my verbal cues and my demonstrations, you will realize how much you're capable of - YOU are doing the work and making the adjustments in your body in order to deepen a pose, and that is incredibly empowering (I can attest to this from experiences I've had with online private sessions myself). 

• When you have a capable guide giving the right cues for your unique body, the online space allows you to develop a keen sense of body awareness that is incredibly beneficial off the mat, too.

• There is extra value in my online sessions - If requested, I will send you a link to the recording of your session, so you can observe your practice, and revisit our work together in between sessions.

Pricing for Online Private Yoga Training:

$85 per hour (Single) || $110 per hour (Duo)

For in-person requests, please inquire by clicking the button below:

Private, tailored yoga training enables me to focus exclusively on what you hope to get out of your practice while also meeting you at your fitness level. I'll create a practice that is both fun and supportive - whether you crave a more physical practice or a more meditative, restorative one, you'll be in good hands! I'll customize your sessions around specific goals you’re trying to achieve – physically and mentally.

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