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Flow State

"Flow State": a psychological phenomenon during which you are so immersed in the present moment, your brain has NO CHANCE to be anywhere else.


Flow State Yoga is an energetic vinyasa practice that will invigorate your body and mind, raise your heart rate, and having you savor the amazing benefits of flow. We will seamlessly link postures together using breath as our guide, and you will walk off your mat feeling enlivened, grounded, and strong. 

  You will get a bit of everything in every class AND I create a month-long "series" of classes that emphasize certain peak poses or areas of the body.



Set to an energizing playlist, we fuse vinyasa yoga with light resistance training and cardio. It will offer you a challenging and uplifting way to ignite your body and mind.  Expect a fun, sweaty flow during which you will find your edge! Light weights (3-, 5-, or 8-pound dumbbells) are recommended but totally optional.





Slow Flow

If you are looking for a mindful, unhurried, well-rounded yoga class, this is the one for you. Prepare to flow in a steady, skillful way, touching upon every major muscle group, and promoting the powerful combination of flexibility and strength. Enjoy the integration of meditation, pranayama and/or Yoga Nidra at the conclusion of the flow - you'll walk away from your mat feeling refreshed, grounded, and at ease.

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